Keech VYPR Lip System

The latest series from the Keech Innovation Centre, specially engineered for hardrock mining.

Benchmark stress testing reveals Keech VYPR is lighter, stronger and longer wearing.

  • More production
  • Less maintenance
  • Faster changeouts
  • Longer wear

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Our patented hammerless ground engaging tool is perfect for underground applications.

Wearpact features:

  • Low profile design.
  • Castings won't protrude inside the bucket.
  • Consistent edge wear across the lip.
  • Wearing from the bottom up, so the more it wears, the sharper it gets.
  • Available in blade only or blade and tooth.

Wearpact can wear up to 75% of original weight compared to a 50% max from our competitors.


Designed specifically for underground LHD applications, Keech Amourblade's weld on edge system is mechanically attached to the bucket allowing for quick change out if excessive damage or wear occurs.

Amourblade features:

  • Lip can be rebuilt above ground, allowing the bucket to stay in service underground.
  • Tungsten Carbide can be applied to the lip castings in severe wear applications.


"The new Armourblade heavy duty casting has now completed 239 hours. Looking great, I think we may be onto a winner!"

Matthew, Cadia U/G Load & Haul Maintenance, 20.9.2012

Note from KMS: as at April 2013 the Armourblade lips have completed over 1,500 hours!

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