Our unique Keech Mechanical Bucket (KMB) dramatically reduces the time required to replace edge wear systems on underground mine loaders, enabling replacement by mine operators in only 3 hours due to its patented bolt-on lip system.

The KMB's exclusive design features a bucket manufactured in two sections. The front section is compatible with a range of mechanical or weld on edge systems, and the back end offers a variety of capacities and protection systems.

KMB Features

  • Constructed from quench and tempered steel plate, the KMB provides maximum strength and wear resistance.
  • Based on a globally proven design.
  • Fitted with proven Keech GET packages.

KMB Benefits

  • Easy access to underground mines.
  • Ability to change the bucket front or back end as wear or damage occurs, while the loader remains at the underground workshop.
  • Increased bucket availability.
  • Increases production time.


"10/10 for quality, packaging, response to communications and technical support and service - Keech provides us with an excellent product that always outperforms competitors."

Jordan, Leighton Contractors

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