Keech Mining Supplies is now a supplier of Norbar Torque Tools - the world's leading torque tool specialists, providing you with the highest quality, value for money torque tightening and measuring equipment available.

Norbar - Specialised tools to make your job safer and more efficient:

Norbar Torque Multiplier

  • Perfect for installing Wearpact GET when paired with customised reaction arm.
  • Reduction in lever length or operator effort by a factor of 5, 25 or 125.
  • Less operator fatigue.
  • No impact means less damage to tool, socket and bolted assembly.
  • Repeatability of ±5% for accurate torque control.

Standard Tools

We can also supply you with a range of standard tools, including:

  • Hammers – copper and soft steel.
  • Pin drifts.
  • Lifting jugs for castings, KMB lip fronts, buckets and truck trays.

We have highly trained engineers available to work with you to provide customised tools for specific applications.

Reference Library

Click here to visit www.norbar.com.au