Keeplate™ and Keeblok are abrasion resistant duplex materials made from a variety of hard materials attached onto a mild steel base by either vacuum brazing or depositing a welded overlay.

The wear materials include:

  • Chromium carbide.
  • Chrome iron.
  • Manganese.
  • Tungsten carbide.


Keeplate™ is corrosion, abrasion resistant steel used extensively in the mining and construction industry. Typical applications are truck bodies, shuts and bins – anywhere that wear through abrasion is an issue.

Keeplate™ is a highly abrasion resistant duplex material composed of chromium carbide bearing welded overlay onto a 250 Grade (AS 3678-250) steel base.

The overlay is formed by open arc welding utilizing the addition of Ferro-chrome powder to form the abrasion resistant weld deposit.

Keech supplies three grades of Keeplate™:

  • KCA 600 Standard abrasion resistance, heavy impact.
  • KCA 700 Severe wear areas, moderate impact.
  • KCA 800 Extreme abrasion, low impact.


A variety of hard material types can be vacuum brazed to mild steel base plates to form Keeplate. This removes the potential limitations of weld materials commercially available.

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